Software Project Management is a key part of the Omega Tech approach. 

With 15 years experience of managing software development projects of all different shapes and sizes, we can help your company stay on track with:

  • Choosing the best approach for your project life cycle eg prototype / waterfall / iterative / spiral models
  • Creating a realistic and achievable project plan
  • Maintaining the balance between features, cost, and timescales
  • Management of technology risks
  • Management of resource risks
  • Successful integration and deployment
  • Technology transfer to your company

Our Company uses a Project Control System called TimeVu. This is a database system for project planning, documentation, time recording etc. The system integrates into related Microsoft Office products such as Project, Word, and Outlook.

We will work with our clients to provide as much information exchange in electronic form as possible


Omega Tech Ltd custom builds software for your specific need.  Application, Web,  SmartPhone, and Database.

We can take you through the full project life-cycle or step into a project once its started - to help you find your way through the confusion of an IT/Software development. We specialise in a full range of needs; from full project management or to simply analysing your needs, and we can take you through all or each step of a project:



We can do a through analysis to ensure the you use the right technologies, and ask the right questions to get to a solution.  


We can work closely with you to get to the right design at the right price.


We can take your design and work with you through the development process.  We can give you a full task and timesheet analysis of the project so you can follow in as much detail as you require.


We work with Microsoft Technologies from windows applications (.NET), web applications (ASP.NET), PDA (.Net Compact Framework), Database technologies (Warehousing, Reporting, or plain database design).

We have design and development expertise in the following:

  • Application coding : ASP.NET, C# / VB.Net / C++.XAML, WPF , XMLA
  • Cloud Services :  Azure, Amazon Web Services.

  • Web coding including Web Services: ASP.NET/ASP/VBScript/JavaScript

  • Database Systems : SQL Server and Analysis Services

  • Mobile Software Solutions : XAMARIN, Android, IOS, Windows

  • CMS Systems : Dot Net Nuke

  • Communications: .NET Remoting, SMTP/FTP/TCP/IP, POP
  • General Coding Languages : C#/ VB.NET / VB/ C++ / ASP/  ASP.NET / VBScript / Javascript