The companies two directors are Del Robinson, Tracy Clark. They founded Omega Tech Ltd in 2013. 


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Del Robinson


I have a Masters degree in Electrical and Information Science from Cambridge University in the UK, and immigrated to New Zealand in 1993.

I am one of the directors of Omega Tech Ltd, which specialises in development using Microsoft development tools. I specialise in design and development of databases and cubes using SQL Server and Analysis Services.

I have over 15 years as a design consultant working on a broad range of software projects. This has given me a strong background of client interaction and project management.

My software projects include:

  • database development using SQL Server including writing stored procedures, using Integration Services, query optimisation, and database administration tasks.
  • analysis services / cubes using SQL Server Analysis Services.
  • client-server work using .NETC#Visual Basic , C++
  • web development using ASP.NET, Web Services

On the project management side, I work with our TimeVu customers to understand their project control needs, since there is a wide variety in the styles of project based teams within different types of organisations. I implement and configure the TimeVu software with them in conjunction with the project managers, and run the training sessions, in particular for integration of TimeVu with Microsoft Project.


Tracy Clark


I have over 20 years as a design consultant working on a broad range of software products including;

  • Multiplatform Mobile Phone Development using XAMARIN/C#
  • Interactive applications using Google Maps (V3) (see:
  • Mobile phones & Smart Phones ( C++,  .NET Compact Framework,  Windows)
  • Android mobile smartphones (UNIX & Windows)),
  • Web applications (ASP.NET/ASP, AJAX, Javascript, XML, Json, etc) ,
  • Web services(SOAP, REST)
  • Microsoft Window applications (C#, XAML)
  • Database applications (SQL)
  • Embedded software (DSP, C. C++), communications, and DSP (Texas Instrument) work.

These projects have incorporated design, management, development, and testing.

I am an Electrical and Electronic Engineer, graduating from Canterbury University, New Zealand


I have just completed a contract with HP working on Cloud based Passport Services.

Previous to that I worked within Trimble Navigation writing cross-platform code for Android, Apple, and Windows Mobile with Xamarin/Visual Studio Tools

I am interested in open-data projects and have been writing mash-up interactive application plotting LTSA cycling crash  geospatial information on to Google Maps (V3), (see: cycling route information).

I have also been writing JAVA software for ANDROID..

My software projects include client-server work using C#/VB.NETVisual C++, Access, SQL SERVER as well as  Oracle Sybase Databases (using ADO, DAO, RDO, and ODBC).

I have extensive experience in Web programming for internet and intranet application, including ASP.NET using C# 

 The web applications have all been active designs linking to a Database (Access, SQL, SYBASE).

I have worked extensively on communications software including Tait protocol communications software, PC serial/parallel communications, Internet communications (SMTP/FTP/TCP/IP, POP).

My embedded software experience includes file systems, database management, Texas Instrument DSP coding for telephone and fax machines using TMS chipsets, DSP coding for embedded speech recognition system.

I have been a Microsoft Certified Product Specialist with Microsoft Visual C++.