Open Data

Using data from government/council agencies to mash with web technologies to create different ways to view

  • Hotspot Road Crashes :  calculations based on  NZTA data sets to show high rate crash information on NZ roads. Website and mobile phone application on Google play.

  • NZ Pest Trapping : data service & mobile phone app to show an aggregation of data from public NZ pest control data (Trap NZ / Predator Free NZ & others)

Past Projects

  • Christchurch Road Works : data collected since 1/Dec/2013 giving a current and historic view of the roadworks during the clean up after the Christchurch Earthquakes.

  • NZ Cycling Crashes: data collected by NZTA and represented on a Google map, showing cycle crashes throughout NZ.

  • NZ Crashes and Road Works - By Route : create a route on a Google map and view the cycle crashes and road works that have occurred along that route.  An example of using this is shown here.