The founders of Omega Tech Ltd have been in business for nearly 20 years and during that time we have successfully implemented many varied software projects in a myriad of different technologies.  

Below is a list of some of the projects

Application Programming

  • Project Management and timesheet application : C#/SQL Server  application for project management 'TimeVu'
  • Classification Management application: Proof of Concept in WPF/.NET
  • Trading System Development UK based company requiring ongoing development skills with business knowledge
  • Video Feedback Application :  C++ OCX incorporating DirectX OCX application written in C++ incorporating DirectX technology for Feedback Sports
  • JET Controller  Monitoring Application : C# Windows Application for Hamilton Jet BlueArrow.
  • School Auditing Software Application : Used by BDO to audit school financial accounts.

Web Applications/DotNetNuke

  • DotNetNuke customisation Full featured website using DotNetNuke including the development of multiple custom modules, including role-based profile interaction (NZIPP)
  • Online purchasing using Paypal & DPS systems
  • Music Download Backend : ASP.NET (C# and VB.NET) CMS for Music incorporating DRM technologies (Star Play)
  • Soil sample testing site : ASP Web Application for Probitas systems - project recovered after original developers failed to deliver.
  • Worldwide Financial/Banking software: ASP and server software for Uk BancTec

Database/Data warehousing

  • Processing System Design Work on StatsNZ Business Economics Surveys involving large distributed processing system, SSIS, and OLAP Design for reporting.
    2010 - The production platform now has over 1 Billion facts across several collections. A billion facts are now available in the analysis cubes for real time querying / slicing / charting / drillthrough etc.
  • OLAP Database Design Work on StatsNZ Census 06 OLAP Design Automated Cube generation system.
  • OLAP Database Design Work on tools to speed up cube and dimension generation. Also automated validation tools

Mobile Smart Phone

  • Xamarin : C# programming for cross platform mobile phone - Trimble application using XAMARIN released iPhoneAndroid, and Windows [XAML forms with Xamarin]  & WinCE.  See usage video here
  • Windows Phone
  • Android Applications : In progress for android 
  • Business management tool  : C# Software running on WinCE devices for  (Viisibility)
  • Real-time airline baggage scanning : PDA/Handheld Scanner Software for the Airline Baggage industry. C++-based applications interacting via a tcp/ip interface to an Oracle Database running on UNIX platform
  • Vending Machine Management tool : C++ software .Vending machine management.
  • Real-time targeted mobile content :  C# Software running on WinCE devices. Utilizing SMS and phone APIs. (Alchemy Cattlestop Project)


  • Realtime Distributed Application :Messaging based multi user system.  This system connected multiple PCs interacting in real-time. (NZIPP Real-Time online judging system).
  • Realtime Communnictions : Financial trading platform software for London Metal exchange members (LME).
  • Subscription based messaging service : C# Message Layer .NET remoting used for subscription based messaging service for UK financial trading system

Embedded Systems

  • Real-Time Analogue Encryption : TI DSP (TMS 320F28) embedded assembler and C Programming used by CES Communications Ltd.


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